Did Jesus get Married?



I had a wonderful Easter and I hope you did too! It was just not the Same as it is back home!  Here in Africa, We don’t have all the nice Peeps and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, and epic sweets like’s you. We have Braai’s and Celebrate Christ’s Resurrection!


This week, We put 5 More people on Date for Baptism!

Here is the list:

Pewa and Lau on Date for July 15, 2017. They Could Be baptized at anytime really though. We are just waiting for their Marriage Certificate!

Adelaide, for May 20, 2017. She is a sister of a member and feels that she will be ready by then!

Lastly is Moses and Esther. A brother and sister who are looking for peace and understanding these days! New investigators as well!


This week was very busy as you could tell.

We went and visited many investigators. To be clear, we are sharing areas right now. I am supposed to be in Katutura 2. All of these people are in Katutura 1’s area. Not mine, but as long as the work continues on, I don’t mind helping my companions area.


One very hard investigator to crack is sister Emma. She is very interested in learning about the Mormons and what we have to share. She stays at a members place. That is how we found her. Her first question that she asked us was “Did Jesus get Married” 🙂 It was pretty funny! We told her we could answer it, but would take a lot of time for her to grasp it. Then we made an appointment and have been teaching her! We taught her the Restoration last week and this week we expressed the Importance of the Book of Mormon!  She has been reading, but was getting bored of it, we told her to keep reading it with her Bible to understand the Word of God! Something she expressed to ME, was that we she because of me started to read her Bible again. She hasn’t done it in a very long time. That was pretty nice of her to say to ME!


Another investigator, who stays in my area is Beula. If you remember the sister who said, “I want to be an everyday Christian, not just a Sunday Christian.” It is her. It has been like 2 months since we have seen her. While I was planning for people to see, she just came to mind. I wrote her down in my planner and kept pushing her. Then I decided to call her. We saw her that day! We went to her Grandmothers place and she expressed that she is looking through the Bible and exploring elsewhere for strength. We gave her a nice gift! A Book of Mormon did the trick. We had a member present with us and he testified powerfully of the Book of Mormon! She was very Gracious and excited to receive it! It was nice!


We are continuing our work with the Man, the Myth, the Legend, ERASTUS! He is on date for June 17, 2017. He is struggling coming to church because of his commitment to his confirmation classes at his church. We shared about Baptism and Confirmation and the true order of how things are done. He still is struggling with coming to church. This week we are going to get to the bottom of how we can help him come to the True Church of Christ!  We did leave him some food for thought. We asked him, ” If the truth lies somewhere else, why would you stay in somewhere that isn’t?”


The last person I am going to talk about is Beatha! She is a new investigator that we found at another members place! She is 23-25. She wouldn’t tell us! 🙂  She is a technician that works the late shift at work! We met her and asked her if we could share a message with her. She agreed and we taught her the Restoration. She is pretty solid. She has the mindset that things of God need to make sense and I definitely agree with that. We explained how everything makes sense and she is interested in learning more! We saw her the next day and taught her about the Book of Mormon! She is excited to read it! We hope that she will search and find answers that she is looking for!


One very powerful Spiritual experience was during Church yesterday. I was reading Hymn 136 “I Know My Redeemer Lives’ and had a very strong witness that its was true that HE DOES LIVE! I Could not describe the feeling I was having but it was the Spirit Testifying to me! I almost cried during church. I fought to hold back the tears. I didn’t want anyone to look at my weird. 🙂


Thanks for the read! Have a great week!



Elder Neilson


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