I think this was the Fastest week of my whole Mission. It just flew by. I don’t know what happened to the time! We were just jam packed with appointments on appointments! It was very nice! But also very stressful!  We learned a lot from our investigators and members, and in return taught a lot!

This week Aisha was supposed to get baptised, but she is leaving to got to the Eastern Boarder and do farming for all of May. School is out for all the high schoolers and primary students. So she will be gone, plus her dad won’t let her get baptised. I have a plan to help her Dad allow her to when she gets back. Another person who we need to postpone as well is Martha. Her Mom doesn’t want us to come and teach her kids. Funny thing is she lives in the North, and her husband is super chill with us teaching Her! The other day (5 weeks ago) Her Mom kicked us out of HER home. She is a very prideful person who will take much fasting and Prayer to help soften her heart. Martha has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Savior Jesus Christ! We are going to teach her about Fasting and Prayer this week to help her mom soften her heart! I am worried about her and her Brother, Erastus. He is probably the most converted to the Gospel, and wants to get baptised. Still that Mom! He is also leaving to the North for all of May, which sucks for us! We are preparing for him to leave and getting him ready to Bare his Testimony to his Mom!

We were supposed to have a Branch finding on Saturday, but that fell through the Cracks. We were looking forward to it this whole week. Pretty normal for the branch, but the member’s are getting more active in the Missionary work here, which is nice. Hopefully the Branch will continue to unite and grow together, to help us be EQUALLY YOKED in the work. Sometimes I wonder if members really understand the calling of missionaries.  We aren’t here to do your work, we are help to help ASSIST the work! Hopefully one day the Branches and Wards around the whole world will be doing the work in Unity!

Well, The main jyst of the week is in there. I have high hopes for our investigators!

Have a great week!


Elder Neilson


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