I can smell the beach!


Goeie Dag!


A lot has happened in this past week! I magically got transferred to Swakopmund. I have a different companion, and Elder Palmer of the Seventy held a Mission Tour with us! Yes, the elder in General Conference who taught about seeing others as Christ sees them!


Last week. We visited and taught Beata, Erastus and Martha, and Aisha for the last time! I was not at all expecting to leave any of them! It was a total shock to me, and my companions. FYI, we all got transferred… They White Washed Katutura. We had some super stron lesson on continuing their Faith in Christ, and the Power of Prayer in there lives!  I was very sad, having to tell them we were leaving.  I tried not to cry too much. My pillow got the most of it. But, I know they are in safe hands with the new elders coming in!


So, about Swakopmund. It is on the coast! Yes, I can see, smell, and hear the beach! Its absolutely wonderful! Its a small town, probably about the size of the whole of Mission Viejo! The Church is very new here. Only been around for about 3-4 years. We have a a small branch of 30 members and very few less active members. Yesterday, I arrived into town. within 20 minutes of being in town,we were on the air with the National Broadcasting Channel of Namibia in Swakop! It was very sweet! We talked about Mormon Helping hands with the Branch President! It was a surreal experience! They even Invited us to come back another time! Very happy about that! We got to the flat and I moved in. I have a wonderful view the beach from my balcony. It is very nice to hear the ocean again! It put me in Cloud nine! After I was moved in, we went shopping at the mall. This mall is cool. Its on the beach front, and it has its own man made cove! Almost forgot! My new companion is a very old missionary. We started our mission together in the Mtc, but he wasn’t my companion. Elder Mohatli, from Atteridgeville, South Africa is my new comp! We have a small District of 4 missionaries. My companion ship, and elders Saiah and Baldwin are the other! We just split the town in half!  Our Branch President is very excited for us to do a ton of work helping this branch grow! We already have some solid idea’s on how to bring more souls to Christ!  I am very happy and excited to labor here!


Yes, Mission Tour was wonderful! Elder and Sister Palmer were very inspiring and spiritual. Sister Palmer spoke for a little bit about planning. She Presented it well. most of us were sick and tired of hearing about it,but she taught it in a way that didn’t bore us, like it did before… Afterwards, elder Palmer instructed us about the call to “Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts” We prepared by reading talks from Elder Renlund, Elder Uctdorf, and Sister Reeves!  All were taken from this General Conference! Wonderful talks about Repentance! He also helped us to understand how to better teach our investigators, and understand how to receive revelation for them! Overall, I did learn a lot! And the Spirit was Present!


Thanks for all Your Love and Support!



Elder Neilson


P.S. The sand is wonderful to finally feel again!


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