Toes in the water… an exhilarating feeling!


How’s it?


This week, I have been very busy trying to gain my bearings on my bicycle! I ride about 15 minutes into my area, and from there, do a lot of riding in the area. We haven’t been having too much success this week. It was an eye opener when we realized that we taught 3 member lessons, a total of 2 investigator lessons. Kind of a suckish week. All of our investigators cancelled on us, and don’t really want to hear the truth. Elder Mohatli and I are going to White Wash our teaching pool for more success! Hopefully, the Lord will lead us to those who are searching for the Fullness of the Everlasting Gospel!


On Sunday, we had a very wonderful Sacrament meeting. We had some visitors from Windhoek come. I knew them, so it was very nice to sit and talk with them. They were all surprised to see me as well! This Branch is very powerful . The members here have a very solid testimony of our Savoir, and are doing all they can to help us be able to bring many more souls to Christ! They also Feed us Nice food! 🙂 I think I am actually gaining a tid bit of weight! 🙂


We did Mormon Helping Hands this week! We walked up and down the main road to get to town, and picked up trash! We ended up picking up a ton of trash! Most of which were Cigarette buds… I was sick and tired of people littering. They see you picking up trash and then through more just after you picked so much. It was successful, but We are thinking of other ways to serve the people here in Swakopmund!


Today, for P-day, went and play soccer on the beach, and put our toes in the water. Such an exhilarating feeling! Only felt the oceans like a little over a year ago, so it was nice!


Yeah, really don’t have much to say. This week, things will be on the up hill!


I love you all and take care!



Elder Neilson


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