He woke me up at midnight!

How’s it!?


It’s not Prideful to say that right! Plus I can’t even check my Facebook to see what everyone said, but its just okay!  I hope everyone had a great week this week! I know my cousin sure did! Congrats Haylee and Shawn! Hope you two are Happy!


Well, This week has been much better than the past 2 weeks! We finally got some solid investigators that are On Date for Baptism!  Some other new investigator’s, and went on exchanges!


We were tracting 1 week and a half ago and we met with this sister named Angie! We told us who were are and what church we are from. She told us she knew of the Church! We asked how, she told us that she has a son with disabilities. And that the church help a Christmas party with an organization that her son is apart of. She told us to come the following Tuesday. We came and she invited Otja ( its like saying Porsche with out the P) and Adam! We came to teach them about the Plan of Salvation, but ended up teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We taught them everything! Any thing they wanted to know, we taught. When we were discussing about baptism. I asked them if they wanted to be Baptized! All of them said Yes! We then told them we were having a service in June! All of them were super excited, and wanted to know what they need to do to get ready!  After the lesson. We invited them to a Bible study that we are teaching at the church every Wednesday at 6. Angie came, but no sign of Otja and Adam. We came and taught them the Next day! Only Angie and Otja were there, but we continued and taught them about the Plan of Salvation!  They have very good questions, and have a real desire to learn. We just need to help a few of them to keep commitments! Angie came to a church activity on Saturday, And even to church on Sunday!  i have a ton of high hopes for this one! 🙂


On Friday, Me and my old companion elder Saiah went on exchanges. It was nice to be with him when I entered the young Adult years! He woke me up at 12 midnight just to tell me Happy Birthday! HAHA! I got very few calls from anyone, but we went and did service in the Desert! I thought I was going to pass out and die. It was soooo Hot on windy! I was good to do service, just the conditions sucked for it!  After that, the missionaries here went with me to Lunch! Had a wonderful time with them just talking and enjoying company! We had a fun activity with the members and investigators that afternoon. We played games and did riddles with the branch! We are trying to continue growing the Faith and unity of this branch! It turned out well, and everyone sang for me. To be 100% honest. It is very awkward being in front of people and them singing for you. It like, what are you supposed to do. Stare at everyone, or be like yeah, Sing it for me! Thats right, praise how old I am now! HAHA! Just a funny side note. 🙂


Today, we tried to go Sand Dune Boarding! We have an old skate board in our garage that we thought would work. We took everything off of it, and went to the dunes. To put it in short. It EPICALLY Failed!  It would just sink into the sand. We had good laughs and went back to our flats to shower! Before we tried to sand board, we went to the tallest sand dune in the world! DUNE 7! It was pretty good size. I honestly thought it would be bigger. But oh well. As we were climbing it, the sand was whipping us! (Like frost bite whipping) We got to the top, and it felt like we were being sprayed by sand! It was fun but painful at the same time! had a good day over all!


Hope you have a wonderful week!



Elder Neilson!


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