Book of “Mammon”???



So much to say! Lets hop into it!


Well, This week we have been very busy trying to run up and down all over town to see people. Also had too many cancellations, but we managed to find some other people to teach. We were out and we found a man working on his car, we talked with him for a little and he was busy. We wanted to share about the Plan of Salvation. He told us to come back at 6, when his wife was home. We were like sure! We left and came back an hour later and the family was all together. We then started to chat with them, and share our message! They were so interested. We we telling them about how important this message was, the importance of Christ, and shared how we have the Fulness of the Gospel! The Wife asked a very good question. “How do you know you have the ‘Fulness’?  My comp and I looked at each other. We grabbed a Book of Mormon. At first glance, she absolutely refused. She thought it said Mammon… Devil. She was in no way going to accept it. We then explained ourselves, and helped her to see what she though was wrong. We did our best to help her see the truth in it, but she wouldn’t accept it. We told her to pray about it. I hope that this brings them to the knowledge of truth!


We also saw sister Sarah Leigh and shared several messages with her. She knows the Gospel is true and knows she needs to be baptized. She said she just can’t be baptized till November, I than pulled out some scriptures and she saw the truth. We will see on a date for her. Well, time isn’t always permitting, so I need to go!


Have a good week!



Elder Neilson!


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