Hard to say goodbye..

Hello Everyone!


This week has been busy. First started out teaching, saying good bye’s, and driving to and from Windhoek.


Elder Mohatli and I taught a couple families. We found the Hess family last week and we got the opportunity to teach them this week. A mother, Father, and daughter family.  We met them by tracting. Brother Hess was out in his garden making a water friendly garden, forgot the name, but I stopped and asked him what he was doing and offered help. He declined, but we got to talking with him. Told us his church so on and so forth. He told us his wife attends one of the happy clappy churches and wanted to know how did we get to this point of so many different churches. I told him we had the answer, told us to come on tuesday, so we did!  We came and he told us he wants to know. We began sharing our message about how the Lord blesses us with prophets to give us revelation to guide us all. And showed how the people killed off the prophets and brought us to darkness. We stopped at that point and told them to read the Restoration Pamphlet and and ask God if the truth has been restored! Hopefully something good will come of it.


Then the next couple days we said good bye to several people that elder Mohatli had taught for 6 months. I met some new people, and saw some familiar faces. They were sad to say good bye to him. But they knew he needed to leave. I hope that some of these people get serious enough to teach the gospel to.


On Thursday, we drove from Swakopmund to Windhoek.  We had our Zone Conference the next day. The talk in prep of this Conference was ‘The Unwritten Order of Things” by Elder Packer. A wonderful talk! Teaches us about several things that weren’t written down, but pretty much known and understood by everyone. Discussed a lot on that. Then, we drove from Windhoek to Swakopmund for an Open House the Next day.


The Open house was some what successful. Only a few people came through, but several people came and were touched by the message we shared. One sister told us she was at the wrong church and pretty much vowed to join the true one! I will start teaching her soon! I also got to see some awesome people from Windhoek. The 1st counselor to our Mission President presided and I got to talk with his family! It was nice!  Later, we went and saw a few more people and taught a bit more. Then, we got our transfer news!


My new companion is Elder Ruben from Utah. I have heard good things about this elder. I know he is a hard worker from several missionaries and the Mission President. I am super excited!


Sunday, Church, Braaied, and left for Windhoek.


Today, It was hard to say Good-Byes to some elders that I have served with and around. it was hard. I most likely won’t see most of them. 6 elders from Namibia left back to SA. One going home, one to Botswana, and the rest in SA. I will miss these guys. I have grown to love these elders. I have relied on these guys for strength, and appreciate everything they’ve done for me.


Well, New companion comes tomorrow. Excited for another adventure with my new comp. Number 14 of companions! 🙂


I love you all! Talk to you next week.



Elder Neilson


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