Poppin’ Champagne!



New transfer, new companion, and still plenty of time left!


Elder Ruben from Murray, Utah is the man! He is super ready to do work here in Swakopmund, which is what I like to do! Work! His Birthday was just yesterday as well! He joined the 20 club! 🙂


Last week was a little bit slow. For the first few days, I was in Windhoek. Sent Elder Mohatli home to SA, waited around for a little while with the Zone Leader and the District leader of Windhoek, for the new missionaries to come in. We spent the night in the in one flat, next night moved to another one, and the same the last day.  3 flats for 3 days. We visited some old families that I used to teach as well! It was very nice to see them and talk with them! I even joined all the YSA’s for their FHE! Which was a lot of fun till I had to leave, and say Good-bye again. Elder Ruben and 5 other flew in on Tuesday night, and the following morning, we headed out!  Got the new elders situated here in Swakopmund, and visited with the Branch President.


Thursday was busy seeing people who I had scheduled the previous week. Elder Ruben got to know some solid people that we hope to put on date this week!  Friday, we had District meeting, and we pretty much had nothing else to do, besides Tract the area out.  We walked for what felt like forever, and found a few solid people! Hopefully good things will come of it!


Saturday, we did more tracting and visited Sister !Orus and Chealse. We taught them the Plan of Salvation! It was a very good lesson, and they have many more things to learn from it! Later, my comp had a Bpatismal interview, which the person passed, and then we had a activity! Which was very successful! Played games and had the kids watch Kung Fu Panda 2! We all were happy, one to have the Kids out of our hair, and to play games with everyone! Doing what we can to keep the Youth of the Streets at night.


Sunday was, Obvious. Happy Father’s Day to all father’s out there! It was also my companions Birthday which we celebrated! We got fed so many times, that I almost couldn’t walk any more! It was great! I even got to Pop Non-Alcoholic Champagne! It was sweet! 🙂


Well, thats my week! I hope you all enjoy your’s!



Elder Neilson


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